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Alexis Muschal

Alexis Muschal, M.S., is a Bioarchaeologist, Osteologist, and Report Writer for TerraX. Ms. Muschal received her B.A. at Marquette University in 2011 in Anthropology and Classical Languages and her Master’s in Science in Forensic Anthropology from Boston University in 2022. She completed a thesis on determining whether an individual used tobacco by analyzing their teeth using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Ms. Muschal has 10 years of professional experience including supervisory roles working in museums where she educated the public on science and history and was entrusted with research and artifact handling. She has experience working on sites with both human and faunal remains and has been trained to identify and distinguish both. Ms. Muschal has been trained to build a biological profile on an individual which allows her to estimate sex, ancestry, age, stature, pathology, trauma, and taphonomy from skeletal remains which can be used in bioarchaeological and forensic contexts.

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