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April K. Smith, Ph.D., has worked in academic and private-sector archaeology for eight years. Dr. Smith is a bioarchaeologist with extensive experience with the analysis of human and faunal remains from archaeological contexts in Georgia, South Carolina, and Italy.


Prior to entering the CRM field, Dr. Smith contributed to several archaeological projects that involved the excavation and analysis of human skeletal remains, including the excavation  of the remains from the Old Athens Cemetery, the Greek Colony of Himera, Italy, and an 11th century Tuscan church in Badia Pozzeveri, Italy. Dr. Smith is also proficient in zooarchaeological analysis, having analyzed faunal remains from the Heyward-Washington House and Spanish Mount in South Carolina. Her doctoral research compared markers of early childhood stress between cholera victims and contemporaneous, attritional populations from 19th century Italy.


During her dissertation research, Dr. Smith supervised and mentored several students in field and laboratory analysis of human skeletal remains. In addition to report writing and standard field and laboratory techniques, Dr. Smith is also proficient in demographic reconstruction, paleopathology, dental histology, and stable isotope biogeochemistry of human skeletal remains. Her special areas of interest include the impact of culture and diet on health outcomes in 18th and 19th century Italians.

April Smith

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