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Briane Shane has four years of experience in the CRM field. For TerraX, she focuses on leading the Architectural History team in completing survey planning, fieldwork, and evaluating historic resources for federal and state government-funded initiatives. Recent projects include four county-wide surveys completed in conjunction with two additional CRM firms for the Florida Division of Historical Resources. These projects include surveying and evaluating over 2,000 historic resources within Calhoun, Gadsden, Gulf, and Liberty counties, Florida.


Ms. Shane's work focuses on evaluating historic buildings, railroads, cemeteries, canals, and bridges throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Ms. Shane has conducted and led fieldwork within Georgia and throughout Florida and successfully completed several projects for various Departments of Transportation including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. Ms. Shane has a B.S. in Interior Design with a minor in Art History from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master's of Interior Design with an interdisciplinary certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Florida. 

Briane Shane

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