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Emma Jackson Pepperman has 10 years of experience in the CRM field, most of which have been served in the TerraX laboratory. Her interests as a historian lie in Labor’s Experience, New South Violence, and Southern Religion’s role in both.


Ms. Pepperman has experience processing, analyzing, and curating prehistoric and historic artifacts from every state in the Southeast, organizing data, creating displays, website development, writing proposals and reports, managing the office, and Phase I fieldwork. She is currently managing projects as a Principal Investigator, writing histories, and creating exhibits and displays for interested clients.


Ms. Pepperman’s responsibilities for TerraX include managing personnel, writing technical reports and journal articles, writing proposals and budgets, and building physical and online exhibits. Ms. Pepperman has an M.A. in History, a Museum’s Certificate, and a Minor B.A. in Art from the University of Alabama.

Emma Jackson Pepperman

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