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Julie Waters

Juliana (Julie) Waters, M.A., has five years of experience in Cultural Resource Management archaeology and has worked on numerous projects throughout the Southeastern United States. Her field experience derives from archaeological Phase I, II, and III projects throughout Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and West Texas. Ms. Waters' role at TerraX includes using GIS to aid in the creation of field and report maps in addition to writing technical reports and leading field crews on Phase I surveys.

Ms. Waters received her B.A. and M.A. in Applied Anthropology (Archaeology Track) from the University of South Florida Tampa. Her main area of interest is in historical archaeology and historic African American cemetery erasure in the Jim Crow South. Ms. Waters’ research focused on identifying the patterns of erasure impacting historic African American cemeteries and associated communities at a county scale. This work involved researching and documenting historic cemeteries in Polk County, FL through GIS, background research, FMSF site documentation, and extensive community outreach. Her research ultimately produced a county-scale model for documenting erased historic African American cemeteries in the Jim Crow South for public, academic, and professional use. 

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