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Being a Junior Accountant for TerraXplorations involves a wide array of responsibilities. The Junior Accountant is in charge of invoicing clients for work completed on projects. They also collaborate with other members of the admin team to keep information up to date and make journal entries to record received payments, paid expenses, and to account for data entries made in spreadsheets. The Junior Accountant also works with others in ensuring the petty cash accounts are kept in balance. Additionally, the Junior Accountant is responsible for helping the business owners in decision making along with the Senior Accountant. This help comes in many forms such as creating data visualizations, analyzing datasets to find any discrepancies in information, or generating different kinds of reports and financial statements. Another duty the Junior Accountant has is to calculate and record payroll for each pay period. The Junior Accountant also regularly assists the Senior Accountant with many other tasks whenever they need assistance.

Kayla Thornton

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