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Katie-Bryn Hubbard currently serves as the Editor and Marketing Coordinator at TerraXplorations, Inc. Ms. Hubbard received her B.A. In English concentrating in Film Studies from Samford University in 2018. Since then, she has worked in writing, editing, media production, SEO, and web design. She has experience producing written and video content for major publications including Southern Living and Food & Wine.

For TerraX, Ms. Hubbard serves as the first-line technical editor for all written reporting. Every report passes under her grammatical scrutiny to ensure we provide the highest quality written reporting for our clients. In her role as Marketing Coordinator, Ms. Hubbard manages the TerraX website and social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, she writes and publishes TerraX’s original blog, Dig Deeper. Furthermore, Ms. Hubbard assists Ms. Sharlene O’Donnell, Proposal Coordinator for TerraX, in writing proposals for new contracts.

Katie-Bryn Hubbard

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