Mary Rose Drew is an osteologist experienced in the analysis of human remains. She has a Science Baccalaureate in Archaeology, a Masters in Archaeology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology. She is certified to the level of Forensic Anthropology III (Cert FA-III), a UK rating, via requirements determined by the Royal Anthropological Institute and has partly completed requirements for Forensic Anthropologist II (Cert FA-II). Dr. Drew has participated in forensic training short courses and workshops since 2001.


Dr. Drew has examined over 2,000 fragmentary or complete human skeletons from four continents, including North and South America, Europe, and Africa, from Archaic, medieval, Victorian, and modern contexts. As part of her doctoral project, Dr. Drew created a short textbook on normal and abnormal bone variation. She has field, lab, and museum experience.


Her skills include differentiating between human and animal bone (once undertaken at the request of Florida state police), estimating age at death and probable sex (CRM, museum, and in support of University of Edinburgh forensic investigations), and identifying antemortem trauma, chronic diseases, and disorders that affect bone. Dr. Drew is training to improve identification and analysis of perimortem trauma and assessment of ancestry. Her research interests include chronic diseases found in workhouses such as TB and syphilis.

Mary Rose Drew

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