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Our staff is well-versed in preparing exhibits and interpretive materials to raise public awareness and to improve understanding for cultural resource protection policies.

What’s the Point of Preserving Information If We Don’t Pass It On?

At TerraX, we know that education is essential. That’s why we work hard to produce high-quality and engaging education opportunities in our community. We craft exhibits, attend conferences, and create high-value education experiences geared toward both experts and laymen and women alike. It’s our mission and privilege to pass the information we gain along to the public and our goal to make historical and archaeological learning accessible to all.

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Interpretation Materials

Our staff is well versed in preparing exhibits and interpretive materials to raise public awareness of or to improve understanding for cultural resource protection policies. Site monitors have also prepared exhibits or lectures for a variety of educational events and historic walking tours.

Dedicated Staff

Sharing what we learn with our community and with the world is a central value for us, and that's why this team is excited to create accessible and engaging public interpretation materials. From museum experience to marketing know-how, this team is uniquely equipped to share our findings with exhibits, blog posts, and social media that everyone can enjoy.

Cheyenne Davis

Emma Jackson Pepperman

  • B.A. in History with Art minor, M.A. History

  • Historian of Reconstruction and New South Violence

  • Exhibit Curator

  • B.A. in History and Anthropology, M.A. in Anthropology

  • Completed the Graduate Museum Studies Certificate program at the University of Alabama

  • Completed internships with the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Alabama Department of Archives and History

Natalia Moonier

  • Research/writing on Mound and Non-mound site distribution of Coles Creek sites in Louisiana

  • President and Vice President of Archaeology Student Colloquium

  • Teaching Apprentice for Ethnographic and Mesoamerican archaeology classes

Margaret Schultz

  • B.A. in History with English minor, M.A. in History with Museum Studies Certificate

  • Experience writing reports, conducting historical, archival, and genealogical research, and compiling exhibits

Steven Filoromo

  • Historical Archaeology, with special emphasis on colonial urbanization, immigration, and labor–coastal and piedmont North and South Carolina and southern Louisiana

  • Section 10, 106, 404, 408, and 4(f) actions, Phase I, II, and III investigations in coastal and riverine environments

Sharlene O'Donnell

  • B.A. in Anthropology, M.A. in Anthropology, M.A. in History

  • Environmental Archaeologist/Anthropologist

  • Environmental Historian

  • Zooarchaeologist

  • Coastal Archaeologist

Katie-Bryn Hubbard

  • B.A. in English

  • Professional Copywriter/Editor

  • Published in literature and film

  • Experience in social media content and SEO strategy

  • Experience with both print and digital marketing

Sophie Fairbairn

  • B.A. in Communications

  • Chi Omega alumna 

  • Mississippi Film Office alum 

  • Experience in the Atlanta film industry

  • Copywriter

  • Phase I desktop experience

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