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Sophie Fairbairn

Sophie Fairbairn has varied experience in technical and creative writing, digital design (Adobe Creative Suite), public relations, and project experience in CRM Desktop and Phase I report writing for Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Sophie graduated from Millsaps College with a BA in Communications and a minor in Digital Arts in 2018. As an undergraduate, she presented interactive work at the Verge JXN festival, and she notably published digital work within and on the cover of the Mississippi Stylus Art and Literary Magazine. Since then, Ms. Fairbairn has worked in the southeast performing archival and digital design work for the Mississippi Film Office, has been contracted with Atlanta-based film and theater productions (private and commercial) and was the lead copywriter and co-marketer for the customer-facing antiques company, Bobo Intriguing Objects (wholesale to storefront). Ms. Fairbairn has contributed to her community across Mississippi and Georgia through her work as a counselor for the Canton Young Filmmakers Workshop, as a volunteer for the Jackson Children’s Art after school program, as a set designer for the Young Actors Playhouse, and as a member of the Vicious Circle Writers Group. Currently, Ms. Fairbairn lives out west serving as a technical desktop writer, marketing and proposals assistant, and monthly blogger for TerraX.

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