Steve Filoromo

Steven Filoromo has been involved with archaeological research since 2016 and has experience in the coastal US Southeast. He has worked in both field and lab settings as part of cultural resources management teams and in academic research. His field experience ranges from near-surface shallow geophysics, magnetic gradiometry, electrical resistance, ground-penetrating radar, and other methods all the way to landscape surveying and excavation. In his laboratory experience, Mr. Filoromo specializes in the archaeometric analysis (pXRF, LA-ICP-MS) of different historic cultural materials such as glass beads and ceramics. Mr. Filoromo received is MA in Anthropology from the University of Alabama, where he conducted a multi-method geophysical survey at a potential early-contact era site in central Alabama.


Mr. Filoromo’s specialty is historical archaeology. His current research focus incorporates two themes: movement, as shown through both the elemental compositions of archaeological materials and spatial analysis and inequality through archaeologies of life, labor, and early industries in coastal and riverine environments in the US Southeast and Caribbean. Mr. Filoromo is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA).