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Katie-Bryn Hubbard

Katie-Bryn Hubbard

Marketing Coordinator

Katie-Bryn Hubbard, B.A., currently serves as the Editor and Marketing Coordinator at TerraXplorations, Inc. In her role as Editor, Ms. Hubbard ensures all reports are grammatically correct, formatted consistently, and visually appealing. As Marketing Coordinator, Ms. Hubbard built TerraX’s Marketing Department, beginning with redesigning the company website and creating the company’s original blog, Dig Deeper. As the department has grown and involved, Ms. Hubbard has continued to increase website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, build traction on TerraX’s official social media accounts by launching and maintaining multiple content campaigns, and delegate daily tasks to the marketing team. Ms. Hubbard is responsible for creating TerraX’s print marketing materials, including informational one-sheets for distribution to interested clients. Ms. Hubbard holds a degree in English from Samford University. She has six years of experience writing, editing, and video editing for a wide variety of online brands and preficiency in the Adobe, Microsoft, and Google suites.

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