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Misty Rovinelli-Ratty

Misty Rovinelli-Ratty

GIS Specialist

Misty Rovinelli, M.A., has almost seven years of archaeological experience in multiple countries, including Oman, Turkey, and the central United States. While earning her M.A. in Archaeology, Ms. Rovinelli learned about prehistoric death and burial, landscape archaeology, the prehistoric Near East, prehistoric symbolism, lithics, and ceramics. Ms. Rovinelli wrote her thesis on the archaeological landscapes of Middle Eastern prehistoric cultures with an emphasis on rock art found throughout Oman. Before completing her degree, Ms. Rovinelli assisted on an archaeological trip to Oman to study neolithic rock art and palaeolithic assemblage sites. Ms. Rovinelli’s main areas of interest are prehistoric rock art and the settlement patterns of nomadic cultures. After completing her M.A. degree, Ms. Rovinelli worked for five years in CRM throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Ms. Rovinelli then obtained her Master’s Certificate in GIS for use in archaeological application. In her role with TerraX, Ms. Rovinelli uses ESRI’s ArcMap to provide maps for Phase I and Phase II surveys under the direction of her supervisor. Her tasks include pre-survey maps created from data given by clients and probability models, and post-survey report maps from information provided by field crews.

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