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Raychel Durdin Davidson

Raychel Durdin Davidson

Lead Cemetery Relocation Specialist
Principal Investigator

Raychel Durdin Davidson, RPA, is a bioarchaeologist with nine years of archaeological field and laboratory experience in various Phases I, II, & III settings. While serving as Laboratory Director for TerraX, her duties included analysis, processing, and curation of artifacts and processing of soil samples from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, and Texas as well as team and database management. Her duties now include overseeing cemetery projects with the TerraX cemetery and GPR specialists, creating and maintaining client relationships, and overseeing projects in the field as a Principal Investigator.

Ms. Davidson has analyzed artifacts from the full range of Southeastern cultural periods, from the Paleoindian Period to the Historic Period. She has experience conducting analyses on a variety of material types including ceramic, glass, metal, organic materials, lithic, and faunal assemblages. Ms. Davidson is proficient in identifying typologies and decorative techniques of Precontact ceramics and Historic ceramic wares. Ms. Davidson also has experience identifying human skeletal and faunal remains from multiple contexts and time periods including, but not limited to, the Terminal Classic Maya Period, Middle to Late Woodland Period, historic cemeteries in the Southeast, and modern skeletal remains as well as conducting cemetery removal and relocation.

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