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Samantha Stanford

Samantha Stanford

Technical Report Writer

Samantha (Sam) Stanford has over 10 years of experience in geological sciences and invertebrate paleontology. She currently serves as a Technical Report Writer for TerraXplorations. From 2020-2022, Ms. Stanford was enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Alabama in the Department of Geological Sciences and conducted research on Cretaceous ammonites using light stable isotopes. During 2018-2020, she worked for TTL Inc., in Tuscaloosa, AL as an independent project professional assisting with Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide and individual permit applications and delineation reports.


In 2016, Ms. Stanford received her M.S. from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Geology, producing a Master’s Thesis entitled Relationship of escalation to frequency of drilling predation in Miocene and Pleistocene molluscs of the U.S. coastal plain. In 2010, Ms. Stanford received her B.S in Geology from Columbus State University, where she completed an undergraduate research project involving trace fossils as well as traveling to Peru to study Incan stonework. She has worked in an education role, both formal and informal, for most of her career before joining TerraX. Ms. Stanford is familiar with a variety of both vertebrate and invertebrate fossils from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras but has a specific knowledge base of molluscan fauna.

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