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Trevor Duke

Trevor Duke

Senior Archaeologist
Principal Investigator

Dr. C. Trevor Duke, RPA, has 15 years of experience working in different facets of archaeology, from cultural resources management to academia. He has directed all phases of archaeological excavation and has served as field technician, crew chief, field director, and principal investigator on projects throughout Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, and coastal Peru. Through these experiences, Dr. Duke gained the requisite knowledge to conduct archaeology in nearly every environmental setting, from lowland swamps to mountains and deserts. Prior to joining TerraX, Dr. Duke coordinated Tribal consultations, repatriations, and NAGPRA-related activities as a museum curator. As Principal Investigator at TerraX, he develops research designs, writes and prepares technical reports, interfaces with clients, evaluates sites for NRHP eligibility, assists with regulatory compliance, and coordinates projects in the public and private sectors. 

Dr. Duke earned his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Florida (UF), where he specialized in the archaeology of social organization. At UF, Dr. Duke gained expertise in chemical and petrographic analysis of pottery, and he has published research on Woodland and Mississippian societies of eastern North America in top-tier academic journals. While his research focuses most specifically on the southeastern US, his experience covers the full range of sites and time periods in North America, from Archaic lithic scatters to historic farmsteads.

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