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Wade Tidwell

Wade Tidwell

Principal Investigator

Jonathan Wade Tidwell (Wade), RPA, has seven years of archaeological experience throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, and Belize. He received both his BA and MA in Anthropology from the University of Alabama. Between the two programs, he worked as both a laboratory and field technician as part of a Cultural Resources Management team with the University of Alabama at excavations at Actuncan, Belize.

After completing his M.A. program, Mr. Tidwell accepted a position as a Field Director for TerraXplorations. While serving in that role, Mr. Tidwell has overseen numerous projects and directed field crews across the Southeast on Phase I, II, and III archaeological investigations. In addition to proven leadership ability while in the field, he also has extensive experience navigating relevant state and federal databases and archives prior to the initiation of a given project’s fieldwork. After returning from the field, Mr. Tidwell assists in writing management summaries and reports. Mr. Tidwell also has experience overseeing archaeological monitoring during mechanical trenching and mechanical stripping ahead of land development projects, and he has also assisted with both the collection and interpretation of geophysical survey investigations where ground penetrating radar and magnetometry have been utilized. Additionally, he has overseen cemetery identification and delineation projects utilizing remote sensing and physical probing to locate potentially unmarked graves.  

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