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William Stumpff

William Stumpff

Field Director

William Stumpff, RPA, has six years of archaeological experience. He has conducted archaeological projects across the southeastern United States and Jerusalem. More specifically, Mr. Stumpff has spent much of his career assisting Phase I, II, and III archaeological investigations. As a Field Director for TerraX, his duties included supervising all field crew, field supplies inventory management, QA/QC of deliverables, artifact collection and transportation, field photography, execution of fieldwork, report contributions and writing, and communication with Project Managers and Principal Investigators. Prior to joining TerraX, Mr. Stumpff started his archaeological journey as an assistant area supervisor on the Mount Zion site in Jerusalem. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he returned to Jerusalem to work on field excavations during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Following his time there, he began working as an archaeological technician for Northwind Resources, where he gained further experience conducting surveys in Mississippi and Georgia. During his Master’s degree, Mr. Stumpff specialized in the analysis of botanical remains to better understand the foodways of ancient civilizations.

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