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Zack Pagels

Zack Pagels

Crew Chief

Zackariah D. Pagels is an archaeologist with over five years of in-field terrestrial and maritime experience and has served as a field archaeologist, scientific diver, crew chief, conservationist, lab manager, and registrar of collections for private and public research institutions and cultural resource management firms throughout the southeastern and southwestern United States. 


During his undergraduate studies, Mr. Pagels focused on documenting and preserving underrepresented and unanalyzed private collections at academic institutions to establish their value within the archaeological community. Mr. Pagels further contributed to the understanding of Florida and Colonial Pensacola’s Spanish heritage through his work analyzing faunal remains from the Emanuel Point Shipwrecks and by contributing comparative regional data of native and non-native 16th C. ceramics from Spanish Missions across the state during a joint venture he organized in collaboration with the University of West Florida's Anthropology and Archaeology Department 


Mr. Pagels specializes in the Spanish Mission system with a focus on the development of pre-Contact Mississippian, Mesoamerican, and Puebloan societies and the underlying effects of Spanish contact and Catholicism on indigenous ideologies, social practices, and societal conflict. Mr. Pagels holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Archaeology from the University of West Florida, Pensacola.

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