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Our Story

Leading the future in recording America's past

Who are we?

We are a team of expert archaeologists, historians, scientists, and writers dedicated to unearthing and preserving our unique cultural history and heritage through careful work. Founders and Co-Owners Paul D. Jackson, Kenny Pearce, and Kristi Jackson launched TerraXplorations, Inc. in 2012 and in that first year completed 40 cultural resources survey projects. Since then, we have grown substantially and increased our capacity to complete more than 400 projects every year. Today, we’re proud to say TerraX has a permanent address at our full-service laboratory facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, field offices throughout the Southeast, and more than 70 team members with expertise ranging from architectural history to zooarchaeology.

Trowel reading "TerraX" stuck in soil within a fire pit.

What does TerraX do?

TerraX offers a wide range of services to help our clients through the cultural resources process. We handle projects for both private and public-sector clients, and with expertise in fields ranging from bioarchaeology to genealogy and GIS to ceramic analysis, our professionals are prepared to take on any survey. With departments for archaeology, architectural resources, historical research, GIS, geophysics, cemetery relocation, tribal consultation, laboratory analysis, and public interpretation programs, we are equipped to handle all levels of cultural resources survey, all while adhering to our three core tenets:

Checkmark representing our dedication to helping clients comply with state and federal regulations.

Helping our clients through the cultural resources process

At TerraX, we strive to help our clients through the entire process of performing a cultural resources survey — from the first stages of planning to the final stages of mitigation. Phase I, II, and III surveys are our bread and butter, and we additionally incorporate geophysical survey methods, cemetery relocation expertise, historic resources surveys, and more to ensure we provide our clients with thorough reporting up to and exceeding the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act and Section 106.

Star representing our consistent striving for excellence.

Doing the best job in
every situation

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of our field. All TerraX team members are well aware of the procedures and protocols of both our industry and our company. Professionalism, efficiency, and excellence characterize our work.

Arrow representing the upward trajectory of our employees' careers.

Advancing our

Through training, on-the-ground experience, conference opportunities, and more, we strive to create a corporate environment in which our employees can thrive. Hard working and dedicated team members at TerraX can expect long and rewarding careers with opportunities for advancement.

An archaeologist wearing a TerraX safety vest stands in a test pit.

What can we do for you?

If you have a project or question for us, please reach out through the form on our contact page or reach out to one of the specialists listed there. They’ll be sure to help you!

If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our careers page to see what positions we currently have open.

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