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Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a critical element in cultural resource management that has been fully integrated into our overall operations, making our data analysis time-efficient and cost-effective. Let’s be honest — who among us wouldn’t be totally lost without a map? That’s why we have a team of expert GIS mappers on staff ready to handle all of our digital mapping needs. Our GIS specialists are experts at using aerial imagery, topographic maps, and survey data to create clean, clear, and easy-to-read maps showing our clients everything from sheds to shovel tests.

Dedicated Staff

Geographic Information Systems — without our systems of information, none of this would be possible! Our GIS specialists are essential to CRM work, and TerraX has assembled a team of the best. All of our GIS Specialists are proficient in industry-standard software, but more than that, they're a group of dedicated professionals who hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence.

Heather Draskovich

Lead GIS Specialist

Emily Dale

Senior Archaeologist
Principal Investigator

Misty Rovinelli-Ratty

GIS Specialist

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