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At TerraX, we know that education is essential. That’s why we work hard to produce high-quality and engaging education opportunities in our community. Our staff is well-versed in preparing exhibits and interpretive materials to raise public awareness and to improve understanding for cultural resource protection policies. We craft exhibits, attend conferences, and create high-value education experiences geared toward both experts and laymen and women alike. It’s our mission and privilege to pass the information we gain along to the public and our goal to make historical and archaeological learning accessible to all.

Dedicated Staff

Sharing what we learn with our community and with the world is a central value for us, and that's why this team is excited to create accessible and engaging public interpretation materials. From museum experience to marketing know-how, this team is uniquely equipped to share our findings with exhibits, blog posts, and social media that everyone can enjoy.

Emma Jackson Pepperman

Principal Investigator

Sharlene O'Donnell

Environmental Archaeologist
Environmental Historian
Public Sector Proposals Coordinator

Katie-Bryn Hubbard

Marketing Coordinator

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