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Introducing: The Dig Deeper Duo!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Hey loyal Xplorers!

You know us as the TerraX Team, or maybe you know us as your trusted troop leaders, but did you know that there are actually two personalities behind your favorite CRM blog, Dig Deeper? Surprise! It may come as a shock, but this is something long overdue — that is, it’s time to properly introduce ourselves and give credit where credit is due. (You didn't think it was ChatGPT writing all these clever puns did you?) #supportyourwriters

Every bit of Dig Deeper — our words, our interviews, our photos, our puns — is actually a crime fighting duo! Meet the voices behind the Dig Deeper operation, Katie-Bryn Hubbard (aka KB) and Sophie Frances Fairbairn! (aka, Soph. Just kidding, it’s still just Sophie). It’s been the two of us the whole time!

We thought it was important not just to highlight our archaeologists, bioarchaeologists, zooarchaeologist, or mappers (just to name a few), but to highlight those in every department — including us, the bloggers! We also thought it wouldn't make much sense if we didn't own up to our tenet of “Advancing our Employees.”

So let’s get into it! As TerraX’s editor, the OG voice behind the blog, and the founder of this whole marketing operation, it’s only proper that we introduce KB first. (And I don't wanna hear no ifs, buts, or howevers about it!)

Introducing: Katie-Bryn Hubbard — Marketing Coordinator

Sophie here to let you know KB is a proper marketing lady. Having worked in media production, SEO, and web design for over five years, she brings a whole extra level of expertise to the TerraX team. With a small hand in just about everything, KB keeps all us writers in line.

Tell us KB, who are you? Where is it that you come from? How the heck did you end up in this unique CRM marketing world?

Who is anyone, really? ... Okay, philosophical musings aside, I’m just a nerd with an English degree. (We are all just nerds here at TerraX.) I concentrated in Film Studies when I was in school, and that made me obsessed with the way even the smallest visual and linguistic signifiers make meaning in the world. That led me to work in video editing, copywriting, editing, and finally my unique marketing position here at TerraX, where I get to help craft everything from the company’s corporate brand identity to our posts on Dig Deeper!

So how does a nerdy English grad go from video editing to Cultural Resource Management?

Professionally, I’ve been writing for about five years, doing a little bit of everything from copywriting for corporate brands and content creators to technical editing, but until recently always as a side hustle in addition to my video editing gig. I never intended to get into CRM — this job just sort of fell into my lap! (Same girl, same.) My bestie Margaret (Shout out the women of CRM!) heard that I was looking to shift out of video editing and into technical editing. She put me in touch with the right people at TerraX and bing bang boom, here I am! I’ve been here since February 14th, 2022. Yes, my work-iversary is Valentine’s Day — Love it.

Would you say… TerraX is your valentine?

I would hope so, with all that I’ve gotten to do! Due to my lack of training as an archaeologist or historian, my work takes place mostly in the background. As the mainline editor for all of TerraX’s reports I dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure everything is grammatically correct when our fabulous PIs and writers finish a report. (We couldn't do it without you KB!) On the marketing side, my first major projects were to redesign the TerraX website (round of applause for that digital mitigation), and launch the Dig Deeper blog. (Wow, I owe my entire job to this girl…)

Since then, I’ve been working on the TerraX social media channels, developing our print media materials, helping out with proposals for new contracts, and otherwise supporting the TerraX team! (You’ve really got your head in the game!)

Even that’s being modest, KB is a main supporting pillar to the entire TerraX team across all departments.

Yes, I support everyone across the board; however, my favorite team of course is our fabulous marketing team! The head of our department, Sharlene O’Donnell, is an awesome boss — she’s generous with her time, she tackles problems head-on, and she always has our backs! And you, Sophie, are a fabulous partner in crime. To be honest, I was feeling a little in over my head with all the marketing stuff, so I’m grateful to have you and your many talents on the team. (Awwww KB, don't make me blush!)

Introducing: Sophie Frances Fairbairn — Marketing Assistant

Alright, enough about me (KB). It’s time to introduce our second writer and digital artist on the marketing team. Sophie, who the heck are ya?!

It's like KB said, who is anyone really? Being a twenty-something writer, you honestly think I can answer that question — really? Okay, I’ll give it a go.

Generally, I consider myself to be a highly explorative and curious person — whether that’s on paper, behind a computer, or out in the world, I try to make the ordinary, extraordinary! — It’s a cliche for a reason. It is sort of like how a kid can turn a broken stick into an enchanted sword, or how a grumpy old man can turn a historic house into a balloon floating mobile home! (see shameless blog post plug here.) I insist on that same kind of razzle dazzle in everything that I do, and that includes in my own personal writing and in my role here as marketing assistant, co-author of Dig Deeper, and — this just in! — TerraX’s new digital artist (Yes girl!). But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Despite now living in the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I actually come from a background of deep rooted southern creatives (Like we said, Genealogy is Cool Now!). I grew up in the big city of Atlanta, Georgia (Me too! Sadly, we didn’t know each other then, though.), then crossed over to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where I met my home girl, Emma Pepperman (Shout out History Department!), and, later, went off to Millsaps College in good ol’ Jackson, Mississippi. It was through these beloved southern cities that I truly saw the prevalence of our culture and history throughout my studies in communications, creative writing, and even digital design — it’s no wonder I found my way into CRM!

Just before I got into CRM, I worked as a copywriter for an antiques and furniture company called BOBO Intriguing Objects. It was at BOBO that I discovered that I didn't just want to sell antiques, I wanted to learn from them! In my position at TerraX, not only have I gotten to learn about antiques and artifacts, but I have also been able to explore history, archaeology, architecture, maps, and even bones! (You’re basically an expert now!)

I was just a baby Technical Writer the year TerraX turned 10, but since then, I’ve managed to find my place on a wonderful marketing team of women — shout out to our fearless team of three. (Especially, Sharlene O’Donnell for always looking out for her little baby writers.) Before I stepped into my current role, I found it quite beneficial to get down and dirty with the technical writers, (another shout out to every single one of them and their animals — they are our rocks) (Agreed!) detailing artifacts, examining maps, and laying out reports, large and small. We leave no stone unturned, no artifact undocumented — you can’t dig into the world of CRM without earning a few badges first.

Currently, my job is all about emphasizing the fantastics of the CRM world! I work side by side with our favorite linguistic fairy godmother, KB (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, y’all) — to whom you’ve already been thoroughly introduced — in order to bring TerraX and CRM to the public.

As one of the more recent voices of the Dig Deeper blog, my favorite part in all this are the interviews with my fellow coworkers — when they have the time, of course — as well as brainstorming with KB. (Aw, same here, dude!) We get to be the ones who inquire about their passions and the ones who tell their stories! I enjoy being a voice for TerraXplorations because I truly believe our work is important to us and our communities, past and present!

But writing and interviewing isn't all that I do! More recently, I became the artist behind the latest TerraX digital work on our instagram as well as the creator of the characters you see here on the page! (Round of applause y’all — this girl has worked hard!)

The point of all this creativity is simply to share this unique world with everyone — aspiring archaeologists and professionals alike! Who says CRM can’t be fun, or funny, or educational? Through our latest original artwork, we are expanding our audience by age, professional standing, and, dare we say, interests. We want to reach everyone to show them what our history, our architecture, and our work means to us and to our communities. Through not only my writing, but also through my artwork, I get to be the one who makes the world of CRM truly extraordinary! (Extraordinary indeed!)

Together We Bring the Stories of the Past to the Present

We believe strongly in the power of story and, really, that’s what CRM is all about — preserving the story of the past and sharing it in the present. Sometimes that mission can get lost in all the red tape, so, our goal is to increase our reach in consistent content and share the stories about human history we discover with our readers. We want to create an inviting, as well as intriguing, space for everyone to enjoy! — a space of curiosity and appreciation through original and educational projects. Together, we can learn something new about the history around us and maybe even learn a little about ourselves.

As always, keep up with all our future projects, artworks, and CRM accomplishments on our socials including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It was a pleasure meeting all of you, until next time,

— KB and Sophie of the TerraX team


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